After a taste of red meat, Mandy started having second thoughts about the program. 

Sep 20, 20100

Discovering the lives of others makes us learn about what we can do to improve our own lives, or simply appreciate our lives even more.

I am starting to get to know the others, and it is helping me through the workouts. The support team and camaraderie they offer helps me to become even more invested in this program. Everyone is excited and wants each other to lose the weight.

I am an "All or Nothing" kind of gal. Brunch was great, I ate oysters, shrimp, crab legs, salad. The only thing I stretched on was the rack of lamb and mint jelly. That was my first red meat since I started, and since I am a meat lover, that was delicious. That night I had second thoughts about going back on the program. A negative moment came over my usually positive mind, and I thought that the hours of commitment, the workouts, and the lack of food was not something I wanted to experience anymore. I looked for support in my decision to stop from my husband but he said, "You will be ok."

The next morning I woke up, and I was back on track.


I really like Mandy, but wow, shrimps, and crab legs??? Of all the seafood options out there, those are some of the most high in cholesterol...A word "salad" should not be used as synonyms for a healthy food choice. Also, isn't "all or nothing" thinking considered as one of the distorted thinking? Lack of flexibility is like setting up yourself for a failure. Hello, Jackie and Dr. Ramani? She needs more help!!


Read Skinny Bitch or The Kind Diet, you'll never want meat again.