This week Stacy shares her love for Craig and dance.

Oct 18, 2010

So our last group workout was a team challenge with rowboats. It was Team Craig versus Team Jackie and we won! Nothing can keep a boat full of women (and a fabulous man) away from a free spa day. You say, "facial," and I say, "How fast did you want me to row?"

As a reward for all of our hard work, we went directly to (what was thought to be) an amazing dinner. Here's the thing, you don't mess with a group of ravenous recovering chubbies. It's not nice and more importantly it's not safe. It had been close to four hours since our last meal and having altered our eating style all this time to be sabotaged was less than ideal.

If I wasn't so hungry I could appreciate Jackie's reason for ordering all that crazy food, and I think it showed us that these are situations that we would encounter in real life. I will say that I've retrained myself how to order when I go out and there are certain sections of the menu I don't allow myself to look at. Life is all about balance and one bite of calamari is not going to kill you. Nothing tastes better than the first bite, that's what I learned from Bryan and what I always think before eating something bad. I also think of what Dr. Ramani says about self-control and asking yourself about self-sabotaging. It's about being present all the time, or at least 99%.