Surf and Sand

Moderation Is Key

Everyone Deserves a Thintervention

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Just the Beginning

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Week 8

Week 8

Week 8

Week 8

Week 8

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Week 8

Week 8: Stay on Track!

Week 8: Loving the New Me

Helipad Workout

Leaving the Nest

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Ramsay

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Week 7

Week 7

Week 7

Week 7

Week 7

Week 7

Week 7: Eat Out Without Cheating

Week 7: Team Work Conquers All

Week 7: Flipping the Switch

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Teamwork Can Make a Dream Work

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Week 6

Week 6

Week 6

Week 6

Week 6

Week 6

Week 6

Surf and Sand

Think you can handle this week's workout? Try it now!



The beach workout is split up into 2 parts – Beach Workout and Surf.


Several steps will be taken to reduce the risk of injury during this workout.

1. The entire “course” will be raked even and flat.

2. There will be no running or rushing in between stations during the sand portion of the workout.

3.  All equipment being used is designed for that particular exercise thereby reducing the risk of personal injury (see notes below).

4.  All exercises are low impact or stationary.

5. Clients will all wear tennis shoes.  Ankle wrapping is an option if necessary


PART 1: Sand(3 cycles)


Starting on the sand, clients will go through a circuit of drills in the sand. Each client will have to hit 4 stations and perform each element with perfect form before moving on to the next station.


Station #1 – Beach Ball Crunches (x30)


         Clients will blow up their beach ball and use the ball to steady themselves on their backs, feet planted in a 90 degree angle.  Once situated, each client will raise their chests at a 45 degree angle and begin crunches.  Elbows remain wide.  Chin to the sky.


Station #2 – Spider Crawl 


Clients will crawl under a netting pathway 15’ x 4’ and 2 feet high. 


                  Safety Notes:

1.       Clients will go through one at a time.

2.       This is not a timed event.  Speed is not encouraged.

3.       Netting is made of thin nylon rope tied into 2 in squares.  The netting is attached with bungee chords, which will be anchored by 4 metal stakes on each side.  

4.       Each stake is approx 2’ long and will be pounded into the sand with 6” sticking out and covered with an orange cone. 


Station #3 – Tire Flip (down and back x1) 


Lined up are 8, 40 lbs tires each client will have to flip down the beach. (Distance TBD per Jackie and Dr. Cohan)


Safety Notes:

1.       Jackie will give specific instructions how to lift each tire (using your legs) and roll it over.

2.       Jackie will ensure proper form (back straight, bending with the knees and legs)

3.       This is not a race… clients will be told to take their time… it’s about feeling the burn in the muscles.


Station #4 – Sand Bags  (x30 each)


Facing one another in two lines, clients will pick up 2 ten pound sand bags for a series of combination arm exercises. 

(Bicep Curls, Shoulder Press, Squat Throw, Stationary Lunges)


Safety Notes:

1.       Sand bags will weigh no more than 5 or 10 lbs.

2.       Sand bags are made with proper handles

3.       Form and intensity are the focus.

4.       Jackie will give instruction on form and monitor.

5.       There is no sense of urgency when performing the drills.   


REPEAT #2 – #4 (X5)


PART 2: Surf and Repeat

Clients will move down to the water’s edge for Part 2 of their workout in the surf.


Station #1 – Surf Dodge and Sprint


From the top of the water line, clients will sprint to the waters edge as the tide recedes and race back to the top of the water line as the water rushes back up the beach. 


Safety Notes:

1.       Clients will be wearing sneakers and workout clothes to not hinder their mobility.

2.       Sand is hard and they will be running with or against the incline of the beach.

3.       If clients fall, they land in ankle deep water.  


FINAL Station – “Pull Your Own Weight


Out in the surf are 8 buoys.  Each client is told to stand in front of the buoy with his or her initials.  Attached to the buoy, on the floor of the ocean, is a net filled with weights totaling the amount each client wants to lose.  Using the rope in the sand, they are to pull the weight to shore.  Once on shore, clients must drag their bags back to their mat on the beach. 


         Safety Notes:

1.       Sand is firm but still soft to get leverage.

2.       Clients are instructed to use their arms and legs.

3.       Form is key

4.       Completion is not necessary.



Just the Beginning

Stacy is taking what she's learned and incorporating it into her everyday life.

After all the crying, heavy breathing, vodka tonics, and naked trainers, our Thintervention is now complete. Bryan, Mandy, and I were talking at the finale about how this is really just the beginning for us. This is our chance to start clean and fresh, and the best part was that we did this for ourselves.

The six weeks away from Jackie made me push myself harder than I ever thought was possible. I think one of the best things that came out of this process for me was that I became my own trainer. I took the advice from Jackie and Craig and used it every time I step foot into a gym, a restaurant with friends, or when stress might try to get the best of me. I always like to think that I have a mini Dr. Ramani with me when I go out to eat. She has become my talisman for sane eating because of her no-nonsense attitude and well-grounded advice.

I really have learned that life is all about balance. You won't gain back all the weight if you don't make it to the gym everyday. A cookie does not a fatty make! It's when it becomes ten cookies and two weeks without going to the gym that the imbalance shows on the scale. It's more important to get to the root of why you are choosing to eat the way that you are. If you are suppressing something or trying to medicate yourself in some way. I like to think about it as if I'm a car; I won't fill the car with more gas then I need, nor will I use cheap gas that will make me stop somewhere else to fill up again.

I'm not saying I've got a complete handle on this yet, even though I have surpassed my goal weight. I still have times where I have to pre-plan my days so I don't go hours without eating, I have to keep a watchful eye on when I decide to have a cheat meal, and I keep a strong support system around me at all times. Especially when I get that reoccurring nightmare of me looking like Eric Cartmen dressing up like Jabba the Hut trying to grab a microphone stand. You've never had a nightmare like that? Just me? 

I feel so incredibly blessed to have been a part of this process, and I will be forever grateful. Bryan and Miguel are two of the sweetest people I have ever met, and they make the best workout buddies anyone could ask for. 

I've decided that Mandy is like sunshine; no matter how you are feeling, she will be there to brighten your day. She and her family are so loving, and I hope that I will be lucky enough to follow her example. I thank her for being a pillar of support and always being a phone call away.

Lastly we come to my husband Craig Ramsay. He helped me so much throughout the six weeks we were away from Jackie, and I owe a huge amount of my success to him. He never gave up on me, and he was the only one of Jackie's team that sat me down and asked me questions about PCOS and what we were going to do to fight it. I don't know what I would do without him sticking by me in the gym, and I look forward to seeing you all in the spring for our Broadway themed wedding.

I thank you all for coming on this journey with me, and I'm so glad you liked the show!