Warner Workouts

Think you can handle this week's workout? Try it now!

Oct 11, 20100



The sexy workout is designed by Robin Antin of the Pussycat Dolls. The workout is all about helping Jackie's 7 clients feel free and uninhibited and finding their inner sexy. Even this fun workout can be grueling. Dancing makes you sweat and is a great form of cardio. It's great for your mental, emotional and physical health.

PART 1: Warming up

Robin will begin by stretching the neck, shoulders, waist, and back. They will move on to do marching in place and adding a few punches, squats, and waist rolls. 

PART 2: Choreographed Dance Workout – "Don't Cha"

Robin will lead the clients in a dance workout, which may include these moves: 

Marching in place

Jumping in place

Arm twirl and butt twirl in place

Butt/pelvic pump

Squat circles

Chest Pump

Rocking and squatting from left and right

Circling arms above head

March/squats forward

Reach for back of feet

Marching forward

Freestyle Dance

Sexy Dance Poses

Turn Around Booty Shake

Props that may be used: boas 


Erica W
Erica W

My husband and I love your show. My husband's one birthday wish is a personal training session with Jackie Warner, to help him reach his ultimate fitness potential. I would like to surprise my husband and sign him up as a cast member. Can you please tell me how I go about this?

Michael Andre
Michael Andre

I love this show and interested in finding out how to become a cast member. Can someone please let me know the process of becomming a cast member?