Warner Workouts

Think you can handle this week's workout? Try it now!

Sep 7, 2010

PART 1: Sand (3 cycles)


Starting on the sand, clients will go through a circuit of drills in the sand. Each client will have to hit 4 stations and perform each element with perfect form before moving on to the next station.


Station #1 – Beach Ball Crunches (x30)


         Clients will blow up their beach ball and use the ball to steady themselves on their backs, feet planted in a 90 degree angle.  Once situated, each client will raise their chests at a 45 degree angle and begin crunches.  Elbows remain wide.  Chin to the sky.


Station #2 – Spider Crawl 


Clients will crawl under a netting pathway 15’ x 4’ and 2 feet high. 


                  Safety Notes:

1.       Clients will go through one at a time.

2.       This is not a timed event.  Speed is not encouraged.

3.       Netting is made of thin nylon rope tied into 2 in squares.  The netting is attached with bungee chords, which will be anchored by 4 metal stakes on each side.  

4.       Each stake is approx 2’ long and will be pounded into the sand with 6” sticking out and covered with an orange cone.