Warner Workouts

Think you can handle this week's workout? Try it now!

Oct 18, 2010


OVERVIEW:  (Estimated Duration: 40-60 mins)

Jackie explains that this week they are getting out of the gym for a pool work out. Water exercises can relieve the stress caused by running, kickboxing or other land exercises. Water has a higher resistance than air.


Warm Up

1) Water jog - jog in place – 5 minutes

Work Out

1) Free Style – Swim Interval laps – 6 laps and Non-Swimmers use kickboard and bubble.

2) Surface Push Ups – push ups on mat out of water – 2 sets of 10

3) Water Squats – squats in water - 3 Sets of 15

4) Arm circles/high knee lift – upper body is above water and lower body below water. Arm circles and kicking knee as high as possible, alternating, while doing arm circles -  3 sets of 15 on each side

5) Water Crunch – hold onto the wall behind you, kick out your legs in front of you and bring them back in (circle: legs outward and bring them back in) – 1-2 sets of 30