Ask Gretta: Alternatives to Heels

Our style savvy source Gretta Monahan answers your fashion inquiries!

Due to my job I am on my feet a lot and heels are not the best option. I've been trying to find something to wear - what can you suggest? - Natalie

Try a wedge. A wedge is a much more sturdy shoe, and you'll also get a nice little boost of height. Try not to go over two and a half inches with a wedge. Look for shoes with a slight platform. It might look scary, but the platform will provide comfort and support. I'm on my feet all the time, and if I know I have a long day ahead of me, I know to pick a wedge. If it's not a wedge, then this season, there are a lot of shoes with thicker stacked heels. You want a heel that is a least an inch and a half in width. That will also give you a nice sturdy leg to stand on. Look for a peek-toe verses a closed-toe, because a peek-toe will always be roomier in the toes. I design shoes, so I have to be aware of that. Peek-toe shoes will usually have more fullness, the way that they're constructed to accommodate that opening, so they are typically more comfortable in the front of the foot.