Eliza's Makeover

Eliza thanks Gretta and Tim for teaching her to dress with class and style.

Hi Everyone!

I hope you enjoyed my makeover as much as I did. The experiences I shared with Tim, Gretta, Kay and the entire Bravo crew absolutely blew me away. They treated me like a rock star in every sense of the word, I had no idea it was going to be so cool. So here's what flipped me out - I was not expecting this experience to be so emotional. When I started filming the show, I was thinking, OK, I get to meet Tim who is fantastic and find out what he thinks I should wear and perform on the show.

After day one, things just got really crazy because, I was meeting all of these fabulous people and they were helping me every step of the way. I found myself really getting into it, and letting the change happen. Being inspired early on, I wrote a song to Tim called Tim Gunn's Guide To Style that you all heard a part of. It was surreal and fun to sing for Tim and Gretta in my living room. If you want to check me out go to ElizaNeals.com. I'd love to hear what you think.

Going to see Kay Unger was mind blowing because I didn't expect it. They do not tell you what you are going to do from one hour to the next, so it really is a surprise the whole way through. Kay designed and gave me her two of her wonderful dresses! To be in the presence of such a famous talented designer and wear her designs are what dreams are made of. As you saw, I was touched.

The bra fitting with Rebecca was a blast! Rebecca is a trip - you should have heard what she was saying to me. Hopefully Bravo will release the "uncut" version. All I can say is Rebecca is having a great time owning a lingerie shop in NYC! WOW!

On to my hair cut with the one and only Sally Hershberger! YEA, I love it! The day was like walking into stardom for an hour or two. Sally and I yapped it up about music and rock 'n' roll and rock 'n' roll hair, she liked my album cover photo and hair on "No Frogs for Snakes." Thanks Sally for leaving my hair long!

I was very touched by Tim and Gretta and the entire Bravo staff. I had no idea I would cry as much as I did, but the experience was very moving. I guess I am more freaked out about my fashion than I thought. Tim and Gretta have a way of "making fun" of you, but they really want to help you, so I didn't really take any of it personally. Tim always said, "Eliza, it's the clothes we are talking about, not you." LOL. As they cleaned out my closet and laughed at my tight jeans and ripped shirts, I did feel really bad at times, because I never thought it looked that bad off stage. But, learning to pair other things with jeans or change up the hats and the jackets has breathed new life into my style and I feel and look way better (I hope). I look more chic and put together and I get what Tim was trying to teach me about my body shape and proportions. I hated that body scan so just forget that part! I still feel like my waist is much smaller than the 3D woman!

The craziest thing that happened was my infamous black leather jacket was actually lost in route to Tim's loft by an assistant. It was hilarious because that was the piece they really needed to make into the purse. Long story short, they found it and snuck it back into the loft for Gretta to make into the purse they gave me on the show. To be honest, I was really cool with it when it happened, but I find myself missing that little black jacket. It's funny - now everyone has a little black leather jacket except me.

When I saw my episode I must admit I was anxious, nervous and scared about what I would see. I watched the show and it was put together so well with class and style. All the things Tim and Gretta helped me with were shown with taste and humor. For all you curvy girls out there, I know you can relate, it's hard to do what you want but still enjoy all the styles available. I love what they taught me, especially the way things should fit my classic pear-shaped, rubenesque curves. I still add my own signature style to what I was given and purchase. I am from an ethnic Armenian family and we are curvy (Kim Kardashian is Armenian too) and when Tim drew my shape he helped me see how the lines should fall and how things should fit for everyday clothes. Rock styles are independent and I will not lose my own style. I'll just be a bit more open to fashion!

XO Eliza Neals

Ask Gretta: Trenches and Wrap Dresses

Our style savvy source Gretta Monahan answers your fashion inquiries!

I just received a Burberry trench and it makes me look like Inspector Gadget. Do you advise having it altered? And to what length? Thank you for your time. Shazia

Hi Shazia,
I think a trench should be right to the knee. The look of a trench coat is classic, and Burberry is certainly the most classic trench you could own. Perhaps you are not a classic dresser by nature and feel a bit stuffy in a trench? I'm sure with a little tweaking of the proportions, you'll grow to love it and there are certainly ways to personalize the look. You could belt it with a different belt or use fun accessories like a great bag or killer boots to make this classic piece a part of your personal style. Good Luck!
XO, Gretta

Please speak about patterns vs. solids on a dress. I love the DVF wrap dress. What does a pattern convey vs. a solid? Do you have any guidelines for pattern size? Thank you! Hope to hear back. NP

Hi NP!
The wrap dress is an iconic piece of fashion because it's so versatile and can flatter just about any body type. I actually think a patterned DVF is more useful than a solid. I think patterns add more interest to the style and can conceal "problem areas" better than a solid, as often the jersey fabric the dresses are made of can cling — much more noticeable in a solid than a print. In terms of pattern size, a print that's not huge but not really small is ideal. I'd say that the majority of Diane Von Furstenberg prints are created with this in mind; the DVF wrap dress has been a wardrobe go-to for well over twenty years so, really, you could say the art has been perfected. Let your own eye be your guide; you're making the investment so try on what's available and see what looks best! I'm willing to bet one print will be a home run, so hit those fitting rooms!
XO, Gretta

I'm in the market for a mid-size 'investment' watch - I look better in gold but have platinum/diamond wedding bands. Are two-tone watches as classic as all stainless? I don't want to do all gold. Alexa

Hi Alexa!
I think that a two-tone style is actually more classic than all stainless. Even though your wedding bands are platinum, you also wear gold, so having both colors of metal would be more versatile for the different looks you'll want to wear the watch with. To me, it seems useless to invest in something that you won't wear all the time, particularly if it's a splurge that you're treating yourself to, so I think it makes sense to think both in terms of your everyday jewelry (wedding rings) as well as whatever trendier pieces you'll vary from look to look. Plus, mid-range stainless watches are a dime a dozen, so, if you're investing in a high end piece, I think that gold accents will also give the watch a more luxurious look.
XO, Gretta