Gretta Monahan

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on Oct 9, 20080

Due to my job I am on my feet a lot and heels are not the best option. I've been trying to find something to wear - what can you suggest? - Natalie

Try a wedge. A wedge is a much more sturdy shoe, and you'll also get a nice little boost of height. Try not to go over two and a half inches with a wedge. Look for shoes with a slight platform. It might look scary, but the platform will provide comfort and support. I'm on my feet all the time, and if I know I have a long day ahead of me, I know to pick a wedge. If it's not a wedge, then this season, there are a lot of shoes with thicker stacked heels. You want a heel that is a least an inch and a half in width. That will also give you a nice sturdy leg to stand on. Look for a peek-toe verses a closed-toe, because a peek-toe will always be roomier in the toes. I design shoes, so I have to be aware of that. Peek-toe shoes will usually have more fullness, the way that they're constructed to accommodate that opening, so they are typically more comfortable in the front of the foot.

Marta Encarnaçao
Marta Encarnaçao

Hello to Tim Gunn's and team from Portugal!! I'm a fan of you tv program and have been following some tips on my dressing. And it works!! But .... what about men?! They need help too. And i've been asked for help from by boyfriend and don't know much how to help him. He's 29 but looks like a 20 year old teenager!! ;-) He's a sushi men, so he dresses kimono all day's work. Outside work he loves sports: bycicle, skate, adventure sports in general. So i see him in t-shirt, tennis shoes with no lace on, shorts or jeans slyding down his butt... see the picture? How can i help him? Any tips?

Thanks in advance.

Kisses and hugs from sunny Portugal