Gretta Monahan

Our style savvy source Gretta Monahan answers your fashion inquiries!

on Oct 30, 2008

I've been reading a few articles that talk about your love for Hermes scarves, but I haven't seen how you style them. How do you wear them while avoiding that stuffy librarian look?! -Ali


Hi Ali,
Love my Hermes scarf, and the key is not to take it toooo seriously! Style is a matter of self-expression - being comfortable and confident in whatever desired look you may choose. Have fun mixing styles, colors and shapes in many interesting ways. Tying a printed scarf around your neck is the perfect way to introduce some color (and style) to a classic trench or neutral cashmere sweater.

The show utilizes so many fabulous designers & high-end stores. I don't live near a major city and because of that I feel like I have limited access to great fashion. I know I can always turn to the Internet, but I never seem to get a good fit from clothes that I can't try on. Any tips for finding stores outside of New York? P.S. You & Tim make the perfect team! -Emily

Hi Emily,
Thank you so much - Tim is so amazing to work with!! I do agree - shopping online can be a challenge. However, you can use Internet and local publications as a resource to finding fashion in your area. Perhaps there is a great consignment store in a neighboring town that you aren't currently aware of?! The racks have the potential to be stocked with gently worn designer items, which you ARE able to try on. In addition, it may give you a better idea of what items you are missing in your wardrobe, and make your web shopping a more pleasant experience.