Gretta Monahan

What does Gretta love about working with Tim Gunn? Find out!

on Oct 2, 2008

In this episode you were working with Meredith Elliot who had a "shopping phobia." Any tips for viewers on how to avoid feeling overwhelmed while shopping?

There is a difference between shopping just for fun and shopping with goals or a plan. I think you do need to have a shopping strategy. If you know that you need a specific item for a specific event, then I think you need to narrow that down first. If you know it's a dress, and you know you have a certain budget, don't shop in stores that don't observe those parameters, because that's a waste of your time. When you go into a store, you want to be precise. Go into the right department and try to put on your blinders. I know we all get caught up in the jewelry and cosmetics, but you have to go and really zero in.

I always say to Tim, "We're not like you, we're women, we're wired differently!" If you're planning on browsing, be careful not to just spend money. Look all you want, but don't necessarily buy. If there is an item that you remember when you get home, something that you know you can't live without because there's a void in your closet, then that's a reason to invest.

Any other important shopping tips?

If you're looking to add to your wardrobe, you need to think about wearing an item in more than one place, and in more than one way. So, if you have a dress that can be worn casually with boots, but then can also be worn at night to a cocktail affair with a cute pump, or could be accessorized with a little cardigan as a work outfit, then you can invest a little more in that dress, because it will work in three different ways. Tim and I would rather see women buy higher quality items, clothing that lasts and fits them properly and really works in their wardrobe, instead of spending frivolously. An item should be modern, but should also stretch your style options within your wardrobe.

Do you and Tim disagree on style or do you think your tastes are similar?

We always joke because you'd think we would disagree, because he looks so straight edge and I look so colorful and zany. The fact of the matter is, we don't disagree. I mean I love fashion and I love trends, but I am practical about it. I like to dress people according to their personalities, and style with a little humor and fun. I've found that Tim is very much the same way. When he is working with real women, he doesn't ignore their age or who they are. He adapts his ten essentials to each person. He's not afraid of color - there are all these rumors about him being so stiff and so this and so that - NOT true! On the shopping floor, he's a blast.