Gretta Monahan

What does Gretta love about working with Tim Gunn? Find out!

on Oct 2, 2008

Were you happy with Meredith's overall transformation?

I was thrilled with Meredith's transformation. Not only did her style improve, but she also felt so good in her own skin. She described feeling more at ease and more confident. I think that the lasting difference between Tim Gunn's Guide to Style and other shows out there is that on Guide to Style, the transformation isn't superficial. The lesson people learn from Tim, and hopefully from me, is that they should have more confidence in every area of their lives. It really showed with Meredith, she expressed it in a much better way than we could, and I always think that helping her find more confidence was the best payment of all.

Some boutique owners try to push clothes on people - how do you make someone feel comfortable about what they're buying?

Isn't it just as easy to sell the right thing as it is to sell the wrong thing? I always tell my employees, don't do me any favors by selling something that's not right for someone. It would be terrible promotion for my company. I would never be happy with anyone doing that. And if a customer is looking for something we don't have, I tell them we don't have it. I've told women we don't have the right thing for them. I'll put them in the right direction or I'll call other stores and get them the right thing. I think that's a good note for our viewers. You see Tim and I scrutinizing, but we really think you should hold out for the very best thing. Why wouldn't you package yourself in a way that makes you feel your best? You should want to present your best self to the world. That's the way we feel good and that's the way we're aesthetically balanced. So that's what we're doing when we're being critical - it's not the person we're criticizing. When I see people in the wrong clothes, I just tell them it's a mismatch. Maybe that item is better or somebody else. Give it to your sister! Don't stick with it! End it!