Gretta Monahan

Gretta has advice for self-conscious shoppers!

on Oct 6, 2008 What did you think of Angela's overall transformation?

Gretta Monahan: I loved this episode. I love them all, but I really just adored Angela. I loved what happened to her and what she was able to express. It was amazing.

She had trouble finding business appropriate clothes.

Angela came to us with the idea - I think she was completely overwhelmed with the transition between her career as a pianist and her new career as a business owner. She was venturing into an entirely different industry. She knew immediately that she couldn't wear ball gowns to business meetings. But at the same time, there was so much more going on in her life, and there was much more depth to her story. She put herself into a box. She'd be the beauty on stage, and then immediately transform into the duckling when she walked off. She just didn't bring any glamour or style into her off-stage life. And that was previous to us arriving on the scene. She was used to saying, "No, I want to be this completely loose, floppy, undisciplined person when I'm not at work, because work takes everything out of me."

And she was suffering with body issues.

From the very first scene when Tim and I worked with her in her closet, every single thing she tried on she'd reference weight or eating. It was a big theme - a constant statement about how she had to dress in oversized maternity looking outfits because she had to leave room for weight. Tim was hearing that quite literally and I was hearing it as a statement about how uncomfortable she was with showing her body.

Do you have any advice for self-conscious shoppers?

I think it's important to know and to realize and to say, we all see ourselves from a distorted point of view. This episode shows how having an objective opinion, really tapping into people you trust - whether it be friends, the woman in the store, someone you create a relationship with - is really important. Reaching new goals style-wise sometimes requires help from a third party. Tim and I were able to do that, we were able to give Angela a look and help her to see it. And if you don't do that, then you won't be able to change. You'll be continuously limiting yourself - locking yourself down to things that are imaginary. Her body issues were clearly stated in this episode, and I think it's quite common. I own stores and I see it every day.