Gretta Monahan

Gretta has advice for self-conscious shoppers!

on Oct 6, 2008

How do you tell a friend that a particular style or look isn't right for them?

Tim says he's a truth-teller, and for me, it's all about telling the truth. The only thing that has real value is the truth. You're not giving the participant or your friends any help by not being honest. I do, however, think it's equally important to be sensitive. Make sure you're not bombarding someone with statements that are too harsh. Just because you might want to say it all in one dose, it doesn't mean that the dose can be swallowed all at once.

You'll notice in this episode in the fitting room, I knew that Tim would tell Angela his honest thoughts. I knew that that the bubble gum dress she was wearing wasn't right, but at the same time, it wasn't important that I knew it, it was more important that she did. So I gave her some encouragement - she did pick the correct silhouette, and she was going in the right direction. But I was also honest, and we discussed how she was staying in her comfort zone, which was juvenile dressing. I think when people are starting to change and transition, it's very common to take three steps forward and two steps back. It's very common to want to gravitate to something that is familiar. Symbolically that crazy color had no room in her new life wardrobe, and there were other better choices, but at that moment in time, it was familiar to her.

How often do you suggest someone take an inventory of their closet, and decided what is and what isn't needed?

I think a seasonal mini-audit to edit things out is great. In other words, take a look back and say, "what haven't I worn at all?" You don't want distraction in your wardrobe. You need to cut through that and you need to edit. We always talk about passing things on. Have a swap party. Do what ever you have to do to move things out that are dead wood and make space for things you need. You can't visually assess what you need - you can't even come to that list strategically - until you come to that edit first. It's crazy to create a list first before you've edited your closet. Do a mini-audit seasonally, and every two years, you need to go through a full audit. You really need to make a commitment - it takes Tim and I a full day to go through a closet. A full day and then some. I would say that for most people, they need a weekend of spring cleaning to get through their closets.