The Style File

Ali talks about her tendency to name drop designer labels!

Oct 16, 2008

In particular, my meeting with Hal Rubenstein at In Style had a very profound effect on me. He was the number one advocate of reminding me that style is not a dress size, but an attitude. After having twins I softened considerably and lost a lot of my edge. My confident style attitude laid dormant while I tried to figure out how to dress my new body. This was a hurdle that Hal helped me see as an uphill battle that might never be won. "Go for the beautiful clothes, embrace your womanhood, revel in motherhood (!), and look at who you are and all you've accomplished. You're not in your 20's anymore, think about how you live and all your good fortune...celebrate that...and dress the part," was Hal's message. And then came the gift of the excellent belt (did I mention that it's Fendi?) Hal did - so I guess that makes the "label" relevant!

I learned a lot from Tim regarding shopping habits and sticking to the lock-stock and three smoking barrels of silhouette, proportion and fit. I have found myself in many boutiques since the show and when I try on clothes, these three tenants enter the equation. If any of them are absent, I ditch the garment and keep on lookin'.

Big (double) kiss. Ali Pearlman