The Style File

Eliza thanks Gretta and Tim for teaching her to dress with class and style.

Nov 6, 2008

The bra fitting with Rebecca was a blast! Rebecca is a trip - you should have heard what she was saying to me. Hopefully Bravo will release the "uncut" version. All I can say is Rebecca is having a great time owning a lingerie shop in NYC! WOW!

On to my hair cut with the one and only Sally Hershberger! YEA, I love it! The day was like walking into stardom for an hour or two. Sally and I yapped it up about music and rock 'n' roll and rock 'n' roll hair, she liked my album cover photo and hair on "No Frogs for Snakes." Thanks Sally for leaving my hair long!

I was very touched by Tim and Gretta and the entire Bravo staff. I had no idea I would cry as much as I did, but the experience was very moving. I guess I am more freaked out about my fashion than I thought. Tim and Gretta have a way of "making fun" of you, but they really want to help you, so I didn't really take any of it personally. Tim always said, "Eliza, it's the clothes we are talking about, not you." LOL. As they cleaned out my closet and laughed at my tight jeans and ripped shirts, I did feel really bad at times, because I never thought it looked that bad off stage. But, learning to pair other things with jeans or change up the hats and the jackets has breathed new life into my style and I feel and look way better (I hope). I look more chic and put together and I get what Tim was trying to teach me about my body shape and proportions. I hated that body scan so just forget that part! I still feel like my waist is much smaller than the 3D woman!