Learn These 8 Colorful Slang Phrases Before Your Ski or Snowboard Vacation

Shred the gnar out there.

Planning your first ski or snowboarding adventure? Your balance may give you away as a newbie, but your vernacular won't betray you if you come with these words and phrases packed and ready to go.

1.  Pizza and French fries

These are the first words you might learn in a ski lesson. You point the tips of your skis together in order to stop, forming a wedge that looks like a slice of pizza. And if you want to go fast, you make sure your skis are parallel to each other, which is called French fries. (So hungry right now.)

2.  Two planker

Your instructor may jokingly refer to you as a "two planker" because you're on two skis. More derogatory terms for a beginner that were used back in the day are gaper and Joey.

3.  Lifties

People who operate ski lifts are lifties. There's no telling what will happen if you say, "thank you, Mr. Liftie" when you get off, though, so that's at your own risk.

4.  Pow

Fresh powder is "pow," and you want pow. If you want to poke fun at your elementary skills, you can faux brag about how you're about to shred some pow.

5.  Corduroy

A fashionable way to talk about freshly groomed snow that has the appearance of the thin lines on corduroy pants is to call it corduroy. Be an innovator and call it cords!

6.  Gnar

Old-school slang for riding the terrain is to shred the gnar (short for gnarly). 

7.  Radgnar

A newer variation on gnar is "radgnar," a contraction of gnarly and radical that oughta earn you a wink from an instructor. Plus it's fun to say.

8.  Shotski

Several shotglasses are fixed to a ski so that multiple people can enjoy a communal shot of their favorite libation. Andy Cohen has made the "shotski" famous and fashionable in any season on Watch What Happens Live. Perhaps you've seen it during its weekly appearances?

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