Karena and Katrina's Weekly Workout

Get fit while you watch with this workout from Karena and Katrina!

on Jan 9

Squat, Curl, and Twist

Tones the abs, thighs, arms, and booty!

Squat down with dumbbells in hand, and as you stand back up, twist to one side and perform a bicep curl.

Repeat x15 alternating sides

Back Lunge and Spiral Press

Sculpts the thighs, booty, and shoulders!

Lunge back holding your dumbbells in front of your chest, palms facing you. Stand back up & press the weights up as you rotate your arms so that your palms face forward at the top.

Repeat x15 alternating sides

Front Shoulder Raise (with a Booty Kickback)

Lifts and tones the booty and shoulders!

Stand tall with dumbbells in both hands, and kick your right leg back as you lift both the weights up in front of you with straight arms. Slowly lower to starting position and repeat for the opposite side. Keep your abs engaged for balance.

Repeat x15 alternating sides

Lunge Row (and Waistline Press)

Tones the thighs, back, arms, and shoulders while sculpting your waistline!

Begin in a side lunge, left leg out and bent, with your left hand on your knee, and your right hand below your shoulder. Row your elbow up to your waistline, rotate your elbow down so that it is under your wrist as you straighten your torso, and press up!

Repeat x10 on each side