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CJ Wins 'Top Chef Duels'

S1/EP10: Chris "CJ" Jacobson could not have fathomed winning Top Chef Duels, but third time on Top Chef is a charm. (01:51)

After the Duel: Tiffani

S1/EP10: Tiffani Faison is number two again, but knows that even if she didn't win 'Top Chef Duels' -- she's winning life. (02:24)

After the Duel: Takashi

S1/EP10: Takashi Yagihashi is feeling totally down about losing 'Top Chef Duels', but he knows that his dish was a little bit busy. (01:37)

After the Duel: Stephanie

S1/EP10: Stephanie Izard wonders if competition isn't the thing for her at the moment, since she's not much for limits. (01:45)

After the Duel: Shirley

S1/EP10: Shirley Chung just felt blessed to have cooked with such amazing chefs in the 'Top Chef Duels' finale. (01:57)

After the Duel: Richard

S1/EP10: Richard Blais hates hearing his food is "interesting", but knows he's come a long way since his first time on Top Chef. (02:04)

After the Duel: Kevin

S1/EP10: Kevin Gillespie's pride is a bit hurt by losing, but he knows everybody's got to take their licks sometimes. (01:59)

After the Duel: Jen

S1/EP10: Jennifer Carroll is sad the feeling of losing is getting too familiar – and wishes she put more oomph into her white dish. (01:59)

After the Duel: Dale

S1/EP10: Dale Talde discusses losing the 'Top Chef Duel' Finale, and is just happy to prove he still has his the cooking chops. (02:03)

After the Duel: Antonia

S1/EP10: Antonia Lofaso feels like she lost her mojo – and that's why she lost the 'Top Chef Duels' finale. (02:24)

Who Won The Knockout?

S1/EP10: The winning chefs of 'Top Chef Duels' gather for the finale – and find that one more chef will be in the mix. (00:50)