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The Agony and the Ecstasy

October 27, 2011 • 10:49 AM ET So we’re at the finale, and you introduce the three MOFs. What was the reaction in the room? Gail Simmons: I should explain what an MOF is, because we keep calling them MOFs, but I don’t think we actually say what it stands for...
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Nobody's Perfect

October 20, 2011 • 11:27 AM ET We skip a Quickfire and go straight to Elimination this week! Gail Simmons: We threw a little twist at our chefs. For this Elimination Challenge, I'm sure that they picked countries they thought they were going to have to make...
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Carlos vs. Orlando

October 12, 2011 • 7:25 PM ET So we have Francois Payard as a guest judge.
 Gail Simmons: I’ve known Francois for a long time. He really is one of the greatest pastry chefs in this country. He’s obviously from France, but he has been working his magic in America...
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Must Love Chocolate

October 5, 2011 • 4:06 PM ET
Editor's Note: Gail is traveling and was unable to contribute a blog post this week, but wants everyone to know that she absolutely ADORES chocolate, in all forms! 
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Everybody Likes a Fried Chicken Skin

September 29, 2011 • 11:06 AM ET Let’s talk about the Quickfire first. We have Jordan Kahn as guest judge. Can you tell us a little bit more about him. Gail Simmons: Jordan is a young chef whose career is a little counter to what most chefs do. He started in the...
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Top Banana

September 22, 2011 • 11:15 AM ET This week we have Pichet Ong as a guest judge. How was it working with him? Gail Simmons: Pichet is a fantastic pastry chef. He's a lot of fun, and really, really creative. He's worked at some of the greatest restaurants in New York -...
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Glaze Me a Doughnut

September 14, 2011 • 6:22 PM ET How excited were you to hear about the Willy Wonka challenge? Gail Simmons: It was sort of extraordinary. Willy Wonka is a seminal childhood movie. I don't think there's anyone who can watch it and not get swept up in the beauty, the...
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