Episode 3:'s Associate Editor ponders the setting of the shindig -- from unicorn-appropriate to washed out.

Dec 12, 20110

Does it feel like we just saw you? We did! We treated you to Roblé two days in a row because we love you so much. And you thought we were going to forget it was the holidays? Let's do unlike Vanessa Williams and not save the best for last -- but recap the best instead (sorry I had to!).

I Saw the Shine
As a card-carrying member of the maximalist club (and a Lady Gaga fan), I am familiar with Kerin Rose. Her glasses are exactly the sort of thing one shouldn't wear while driving a car or doing pretty much anything that necessitates vision, but they are super bad a--. I actually just saw a few of her amazing pieces in person at the Gaga Workshop at Barney's (which is a delight of oddities, if you happen to be in town and can drop by), my favorite being this pearl and bug teacup.

Needless to say, Roblé's arrival at her apartment showcased just what a wonderful weirdo she is (his description of the place as looking like "a rainbow got high on LSD and puked all over the place" was right on). And she wanted that exact vibe at her event.


Jasmine, yes you blew the decor for Ms. Rose. I'm not sure if you didn't have the budget, the vision or just inexperience, but next time just ask somebody when you are out of your comfort seemed from TV land that you did not have a plan before you went shopping and that was a huge mistake. Also, please take photos of your venue when you make your initial visit...don't try to go on your memory...hell, just call me, I will be your assistant! Most of all you can NEVER EVER walk away from your event unless you are being carried out on a stretcher, on fire or have lost a limb...words of advice.