Episode 3:'s Associate Editor ponders the setting of the shindig -- from unicorn-appropriate to washed out.

Dec 12, 2011

Unfortunately Jazz didn't exactly bring it (Kiku did though! Those desserts were incredible! I would have loved to have gorged myself on glittery delights at that dessert bar, particularly having free reign to spray paint all the desserts I desired. Also a pink chocolate fountain!). Jazz slacked on the ridiculous ambiance, which is what this party was mainly about. It was a major bummer, because there are so many great things they could have done to fill that space with color -- lighting tricks, hanging large panels of fabric, flats, etc. etc. In the end, being sans Shawn really hurt the team, and Jasmine handled the complaint. . .by hiding.

I understand her desire not to deal with it, but that's not going to work. Thankfully Jazz had a chance to redeem herself very quickly.