Episode 3:'s Associate Editor ponders the setting of the shindig -- from unicorn-appropriate to washed out.

Dec 12, 20110

BBQ With All the Colors of the Wind
The gang went straight from Glitter-palozza to Vanessa Williams house. Yes, the Vanessa Williams. Vanessa needed to throw together a little BBQ for her son and daughter's graduations. Since Vanessa's house is so fabulous (unsurprisingly), Jazz didn't have to do much in the way of decor -- except pray that it didn't rain (it did). All Roblé had to do was play it cool as they discussed what dishes Vanessa wanted. . . unfortunately that was more difficult than one would imagine.

And of course, it was tricky, because, it's Vanessa Williams. She's the singer of Adam Banks' third-favorite song. She's uh-mazing. So the Co. turned it out with some incredible looking coffee BBQ ribs, a lamb burger, and sweet potato pecan pie. Sweet. Potato. Pecan. Pie. Obviously, Ms. Williams was overwhelmed with joy about something like that, even if she had to eat it in her garage because of inclement weather. And just like that the Co. is back on top.

Next week, Bleezie handles a four-year-old that loves edamame. Nothing weird about that.


Jasmine, yes you blew the decor for Ms. Rose. I'm not sure if you didn't have the budget, the vision or just inexperience, but next time just ask somebody when you are out of your comfort seemed from TV land that you did not have a plan before you went shopping and that was a huge mistake. Also, please take photos of your venue when you make your initial visit...don't try to go on your memory...hell, just call me, I will be your assistant! Most of all you can NEVER EVER walk away from your event unless you are being carried out on a stretcher, on fire or have lost a limb...words of advice.