Dannielle Kyrillos

Our fabulous judge, Dannielle Kyrillos, gives us her take on the decadent and drama filled premiere (and makes a few puns while she's at it). 

on Sep 16, 2010

It was so hard to see Tania go, after such a short time, because it's clear she is a truly gifted and experienced chef, she just had a bad day.  But just like Top Chef, Just Desserts is about the dish being judged, and only that dish.

My job as an entertaining expert and editor at DailyCandy for more than eight years has been to uncover all the stuff that makes life sweeter, from new fashion designers and artists to restaurants, family-run bakeries, and specialty food artisans.  My favorites are those with great stories behind them, about people with great passion taking a chance and following their dreams.  Kind of like contestants on Top Chef: Just Desserts, right?  So I bring an editor's perspective to the judges' table, that of someone whose job it is to know what looks good, is well-constructed, delicious and likely to become popular.

So, next week is the inimitable Hubert Keller's turn at judge's table (we alternate episodes), but I'll see you here at bravotv.com.  Trust me when I say, all the hints of drama you saw tonight only get bigger and nuttier.  Each challenge is more magnificent than the next, and no one is safe from the pressure.  Until next timeā€¦

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