Team Top Chef's Senior Editor wonders whether Yigit or Seth's dishes were that inappropriate for the challenge.

Sep 30, 2010

Hello my thick black spectacles! Yes, that is in reference to this week's guest judge, the glorious Ms. Sylvia Weinstock's signature specs. I literally got the chills when she appeared on the screen. Sylvia is a legend, and I honestly can't think of anyone more qualified to judge a wedding cake Quickfire Challenge. (I wonder what she would have said about  the "instant" wedding cake made in Top Chef Season 1?) For this challenge the chefs didn't have to physically make the cake itself, but create the filling, frosting, decoration, etc, which is time-consuming. Oh, and they had an hour and a half to do it!


Although Malika's kind of fell apart, I think her cardamom filling sounded delicious, and I thought her "moment" with Weinstock was downright adorable. But, i also laughed when her cake fell. I guess that's what's wrong with the world. Oh well. Malika was none-too-pleased and was so embarrassed by her showing that she wanted to go home. Good thing she got over that right quick.


I have to say I was happy to see so many adventurous fillings. I've always said that when I get married the only things I'll care about are the DJ (Q-Tip wll be spinning of course), and the food -- the cake being a big part of that. As much as I love traditional cake, imagine what your guests would say if you had a cardamom filling? Even hazelnut can be more interesting than traditional chocolate and lemon. My best friend had a rainbow cookie cake at her wedding, and, well, I thought that was brilliant.


Erika actually won the Quickfire with her "mocha explosion," which Heather H. was kinda hatin' on. Seems to be Heather is emerging as a bit of, um, a Negative Nancy. While Heather's cake was kind of stunning and polished, she criticized Erika's cake for looking too homemade. Although it did taste the best, I have to agree, and if this competition was based on presentation, Heather probably would have won, but it's not. Erika's tasted better, and that's that.