Dannielle Kyrillos

Dannielle Kyrillos breaks down the cheftestants' fairytale offerings.

on Aug 24, 2011


Hello and warmest greetings to sweet-lovers everywhere!

Welcome to our second season, and thank you so, so much for watching. For those of you who joined us last year, welcome back, and let me tell you: you are in for even more sugary yet dramatic fun, more visually stunning creations, more deliciousness, more intrigue and ferocious competition, and more charming, outstandingly talented but delightfully nutty chefs. Throw in a Beastie Boy, some Willy Wonka cast members, a water park, and a beanstalk, and we’ve got ourselves one heck of a show!

For those of you just joining us this season, a very, very hearty welcome.  My job on the show and here on BravoTV.com is as a style and food editor, an educated diner, and a color commentator. I am not a chef and do not play one on TV; I instead offer the smart consumer’s perspective: If I ordered this dessert from a menu in a restaurant and paid good money for it, would it meet my expectations? Would I be satisfied? Is it surprising and delightful in the context of all the inventive desserts I see in my work as an editor? I also try to remain pretty cheery. It is a competition of the highest level, and we judge the chefs strictly on the food they present to us, but they are, after all, Just Desserts -- and desserts are by definition a happy thing!

The contestants this year are truly top-notch. Many of them are really well-known in the pastry world. Some of them are teachers, some are team leaders, and all of them are that awesome and rare combination you only find in pastry chefs: mad scientist and brilliant artist. I think you’ll like them. They’re focused on their food; of course there is some personal drama, but putting out winning creations is at the fore. They also surprised me again and again — just when you think someone is down for the count, they pull out all the stops and push to the front. Also, I am happy that so many fierce female competitors are with us this time.