Dannielle Kyrillos

Dannielle Kyrillos reveals her inner Beastie Boy fangirl.

on Sep 28, 2011

Hello, Nasty! (Don’t worry, I’m not being fresh, just a little Beastie Boys reference. I can’t help it.) While it would be easy to fill this entire post with memories of how having Ad-Rock join us for this episode was truly one of the most fun, memorable, inspiring days ever, I will try to contain myself to avoid scaring or boring you. But yes, spending the day with Ad-Rock was one of the best days ever. As great as you can imagine, plus plus. More on that in a second.

From start to finish, this episode was all about bending your mind and stretching as far as possible creatively in order to embrace and find a way to incorporate seemingly out-of-place and bizarre ingredients. Jordan Kahn and Adam Horovitz were for sure the perfect guest judges to encourage such experimentation.  

Jordan Kahn was in the kitchen for the Quickfire. He is young, beyond-belief creative, talented, wacky, and wonderful. Like a really friendly mad scientist. His restaurant in Los Angeles, Red Medicine, has been the talk of the town since it opened and his desserts (and all of his dishes, actually) are architectural, sometimes garden-like masterpieces that don’t just look mindboggling, but taste wildly good in surprising and weirdly awesome ways.

So, it makes perfect sense that Jordan would challenge the chefs to use root vegetables in their desserts. Before now, I was not familiar with burdock root either… in case you share this embarrassing flaw, burdock is a kind of thistle, and its root is crip, sweet, pungent, and mildly harsh, most popular in Asia, and full of dietary fiber. It’s used in traditional medicine and macrobiotic nutrition. It’s a good thing the chefs were fighting not just for immunity, but $5000, too.