Dannielle Kyrillos

Dannielle Kyrillos explains what the judges' decision ultimately came down to.

on Oct 27, 2011

Hi, everyone! I’m kind of in disbelief and a little sad that this is the last blog post of the season. I am so grateful to you all for coming along on this sweet but sometimes scary ride with us. And here we are: after weeks of struggle, sacrifice, and scintillating drama, it all comes down to this: the big finale.  

As the episode opened, it gave me goose bumps to watch each of the three remaining chefs let the reality sink in that this was real, they’d actually made it to the end, after all that time away from family and friends and jobs and normal life.  

Matt, Sally, and Chris each also realized for the first time that the title of Top Chef: Just Desserts and that $100,000 check were actually within reach, which must be such a wild sensation. I think knowing you have a one-in-three shot at that much prestige and money must be quite a mental trip. Energizing and terrifying.

And then the MOFs appear. Holy smokes. To put their importance and the chefs’ reactions to them in perspective, it would be as if you were a young musician working on a new song and all of a sudden Mick Jagger, Stevie Wonder, and Paul McCartney walked in and offered to lend a hand.  Some of you are familiar with this French title. It translates to “best craftsmen of France,” and the competitions are held not just in pastry but in all sorts of disciplines, such as mosaics, tailoring, and blacksmithing. The goal is to get as close to perfection as possible in creating a masterpiece.  

Very serious stuff, but spending time with the MOFs was some of the most fun I had all season. Jacques Torres we know from his work in New York and on our last season, and Sebastien Cannone and Stefane Treand were such fantastic and fascinating company, too. All three are sweet, hilarious and, like most pastry chefs, just a little nutty. In the best possible way.