Dannielle Kyrillos

Dannielle Kyrillos explains what the judges' decision ultimately came down to.

on Oct 27, 20110

Where do you come down on the big question of whether Sally really proved herself as a complete pastry chef if Orlando did most of her showpiece? As you heard me argue, I wondered whether it was fair to fault her for using her sous-chef to do what he does best and she does not as well. Isn’t that the point of a sous-chef?  She presented a solid, stunning showpiece that didn’t fall apart (as Chris’s did), along with a well-integrated table of bonbons, bread and entremet. And even now, thinking of those rolls makes my mouth water. Her plated dessert could have been smoother, and she knew that, but it was technically complex and very tasty.

Or, do you lean toward the other side, being that Chris managed to make his entire showpiece and a delicious plated dessert (not to mention bonbons and entremet that were not just great, but were also tied so seamlessly and gorgeously into his theme), so he more deserves the win? We went back and forth for hours.

That debate is not to say that Matthew didn’t do a magnificent job as well. His showpiece was perhaps less successful because he pushed himself and tried sugarwork, even though he was more familiar with chocolate, but it was colorful and rich. His whole table was warm and loving, and his bonbons were superlative. I admire his taking such risks in trying things he never had before.

It came down to the flavors of Chris’s bonbon being so wonderfully complex, his entremet being so masterfully built, and his plated dessert being honest and scrumptious. As Johnny put it, it was the only plated dessert his whole table ate in its entirety.  

It being such close final battle means the right competitors had made it to the end, which is a happy ending.

Thank you again for being a part of this season. If you miss me, I’m always @DKyrillos on Twitter, or please enjoy my column on CityUnlisted.com.  Until next time, lots of good wishes.  XO


I think you made the right decision since this challenge was all about the most "complete" pastry chef. Delegating can be a smart idea if it were just a matter of time, but this was also about the ability to be a complete pc. Part of that is not only planning the piece but also beign able to execute it. She was able to do a great job on her entremont because of completely delegating the showpiece since she goofed on her first entremont attempt. So...I think it was clearly Chris (although I had hoped that Matt would knock it out of the park).