Gail Simmons

Gail extols the virtues of fried chicken skin and shares just how giddy everyone was to work with Ad-Rock.

on Sep 29, 2011 Well let’s start with the people who didn’t. . .
GS: In a cruel but needed twist, we brought out our least favorites first. We didn't want them to get too comfortable, too used to the routine of always calling the winner out first. I really think we threw them all off a little bit, which is part of the game. But they were all thrown off equally so it was completely fair.

Rebecca again had problems and a few excuses about her falafel panna cotta. Johnny may have been the most vocal about how much garlic was in it but I completely agreed with him. I understand that Rebecca tried to recreate the flavors of falafel in her panna cotta but the dish didn’t work. That’s the risk you take. We want them to reach a little bit and to use ingredients and flavor combinations that they would never otherwise think of in their lives, nor should they. Sometimes they are able to do it very well and other times, their risk taking fails. Some of it’s luck, but some of it’s also experience and skill at understanding textures and flavors together and using them in a way that’s appropriate. Rebecca couldn’t make falafel. She claims she can't cook, so she decided to take a different approach. And the panna cotta just didn’t work out, the flavors were way too strong and not balanced at all.