Gail Simmons

Gail Simmons breaks down the early competition, and gives the scoop on some of her premiere fashions.

on Aug 24, 2011

On the Hansel and Gretel team, it was between Lina and Melissa, but we could have made an argument for all three of them to go home because they just didn’t work together well at all. We also thought Van did the least amount of team work. But when we looked at what Lina did, we saw she made choices that just did not make sense at all for that showpiece. She couldn’t accept and understand the input of her teammates, she didn’t really contribute much to anything else and the things she did contribute, the drink that went along with Melissa’s dessert, it was sweet and so off-balance, it didn’t work with the dish. It felt like an afterthought, as if they threw it on the plate without tasting it. So, I’m sorry, Lina’s a sweetheart, and I know she cooks at a great restaurant -- Stephan Pyles in Dallas, Texas, and I know she’s very capable, but we all agreed that she just didn’t complete the challenge the way we asked her to. 

And btw, I just want to note that I wore a cape for this episode. I was going to say, did you and Danielle fight over the red cape? 

GS: She was Snow White. She was in a blue cape. We had no idea that they were going to ask us to dress in costume. Literally only the night before we were told by our production team, that they wanted us to be in costume. Hilariously, the boys were all for it, they couldn’t wait to get all dressed up. Of course, Dannielle and I went kicking and screaming, wearing those capes. But it was fun -- I’ve never been asked to rock a red riding hood cape before!

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