Hubert Keller

Hubert Keller notices big differences between the top and bottom showpieces in the concert hall challenge.

on Aug 29, 2011

The second episode reveals to us the personalities of each of the chefs and lays the foundation for an exciting and vibrant Season 2 of TCJD… and it is so promising! 

Quickfire Challenge: create an original and amazing lemon dessert! 

Ah lemons, so simple, but yet, so tricky. Judged by Margaret Braun, this was a racy and somewhat intense challenge! Cooking with lemons is more than just following a recipe, the chefs had to create a dessert that was inventive but not overwhelmed by the citrus… a perfect marriage of flavors. Meanwhile, as the intensity began to build, Orlando was trying to overcome his severe lemon allergy and Rebecca was getting it done with a broken wrist; she made it happen! Have you ever tried to squeeze lemons with one hand? Bravo!

My favorite desserts were between Katzie’s lemon crepe ribbons with egg yolk and butter emulsion, Carlos’s citrus soup with sphere yogurt and olive oil powder, and Matthew’s lemon vanilla cream with mint puree and hazelnut sable. Whimsical, imaginative, and simply delicious, those three chefs definitely made more than lemonade out of there lemons!

The setting for the Elimination Challenge was so exceptional -- we were right in the heart of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, a true architectural achievement! Can you imagine, creating a three-layer showpiece for 150 guests for the opening night? That would make me a little nervous. And to top it off, the showpiece needed to be transported through Los Angeles during rush-hour traffic and moved up a million stairs… not an easy task!

The teams were set: Red, Green, Black, and Blue.

My first impression as I walked into the gala was how much the poorly-executed showpieces stood out from the well-executed ones!