Hubert Keller

Hubert Keller notices big differences between the top and bottom showpieces in the concert hall challenge.

on Aug 29, 2011

The showpiece that Orlando’s black team produced seemed visually disconnected and there was no reference to the building. I’m sorry Nelson, but unless Craig was going to bang the drum that he made with the symphony during their performance, it had no place making it to the showpiece! I applaud a loyal kitchen, but I expect a cohesive one! Blacks’ cake was a disaster! Maybe Craig is out of his league?   

The blue team's lack of teamwork and imperfections were disappointing, but I must confess, I did like Amanda’s devil’s food cake with raspberry gelee, chocolate butter cream, and praline feuillete. 

The green team showed true professionalism and demonstrated an exciting piece with eye-catching design! Carlos as the skillful leader had probably the two best assistants… Sally and Rebecca.

Matthew and his red team where shining stars and even under brutal circumstances did an outstanding job. The flavors were tuned up to volume 10 and the flow in their art piece seemed to be a continuation of the concert hall in the background... executed perfectly!

Until the next visual and entertaining feast…