Hubert Keller

From the elimination Quickfire to the high-intensity Elmination Challenge, Hubert Kuller felt the pressure.

on Oct 5, 2011

They literally created two stunning masterpieces, and what a great idea on having the chefs working in separate work areas --definitely a mind game. The Blue Team came up with a great idea on telling the evolution of chocolate, where chocolate has started from the cocoa pod and how to utilize it by molding and bending it, making sugar flowers, and a number of different things.

They used difficult techniques and movements with contemporary approach. Great surprise when Gail announced to whom they will be serving their chocolate desserts… to each other! So now you can truly see their personalities, and for me it was an eye-opener to watch them judging, being mean, sometimes unfair, and not holding back, in particular Orlando about Katzie’s dessert cube. But after all, the judges only, at the Judges' Table have the last words.

My only comment is that I was not extremely impressed by their individual/ signature chocolate desserts. My expectation was set higher, in particular seeing the high level of the two teams' showpieces! And I agreed with Dannielle and Wylie when they saluted both teams for their excellent work on the showpieces.

And again, congratulations to the Blue Team! A sour ending for Katzie.