Johnny Iuzzini

Johnny Iuzzini talks about his experience judging with Ad-Rock.

on Oct 3, 2011 It comes to light that some other chefs don’t care for Katzie. Did you guys have any idea this was happening? Why do you think the other chefs are hard on her? 
Johnny Iuzzini: You know, I really have no clue what goes on outside of what I  see either during my walk-throughs, at the events, or during Judges' Table. Normally, they are all on good behavior at that point, and unless it comes out during a dispute on Judges' Table, we never find out until we watch the actual episode. I think Katzie is a strong-willed person -- she has a very strong personality and isn't bullied easily. I think she also realizes that it is a competition, and it's every man for himself, so she exerts herself as much as she can and doesn't allow the other chefs to steer her in her creations. In some of the challenges, she ends up triumphant and then she may get a bit cocky and arrogant, which never pans out well in this type of setting. I think it is important to be humble at every point in your career, and she is young and still learning that. I think the other chefs were probably jealous of her success and annoyed at her attitude all at the same time. What can you tell us about Jordan Kahn and his style of desserts? 
JI: Jordan is a very unique pastry chef. I met Jordan very early on in his career and have kept tabs on him ever since. He is very serious about his craft and puts a lot of himself into his work. I think the most important qualities that he possesses are that a) as much as his food is quite modern, not only in technique, flavor combinations, and presentations, he has a strong training in the classics. This is what gives his the foundation to build upon. b) Jordan pulls from all walks of life -- he is very inspired not only by art, but by nature. I believe he was probably a painter in the 16th century in another life.