Johnny Iuzzini

Johnny Iuzzini wishes the eliminated chef hadn't served her green doughnuts.

on Sep 19, 2011 Which creations from the movie were you hoping the chefs would execute? 
JI: I was definitely hoping to see the chocolate river, the wallpaper, something blueberry, something carbonated, and the giant colorful mushrooms. For the most part, most of these were there. I was also hoping to see someone make a version of an everlasting gobstopper as well as a life-sized oompa loompa. That really would have sent it home for me. Some might think that Chris made promises he couldn’t keep — how do you think he handles his responsibilities? 
JI: I think Chris had good intentions. You can tell he is used to being a team leader, as well as being in a competition setting. I think he uses that too his advantage too often and tends to manipulate the other chefs and force his ideas upon people. I think the other chefs really have to stand up for themselves and not allow Chris or anyone else to tell them what they should or have to make, because ultimately, they will go home for an error in judgment, not the person they listened to. I was disappointed when I saw that Chris and the creative team did not make the items they said they would. They should have edited what they were doing to make sure they could finish what they had agreed to do for the others. It seemed unprofessional and selfish. In the end, it also affected the overall final effort for the whole team. Which dishes stood out to you for better or worse? 
JI: Those doughnuts were so bad. The gummy bears were rubbery and tasteless. They were dry, poorly-glazed and just had a bad flavor. I liked Katzie's carrot cake a lot. She thought out of the box and created a garden that wasn't in the movie but easily could have been, as well as the interactive beehive. This is exactly the type of creativity we were looking for. Matthew's profiterole lollipops were also very unique, tasty, and creative in the way he displayed them. The peanut butter macarons were so good! Chris' waterfall looked a bit like it came from a horror movie and the chocolate milk was OK. He had to keep diluting it to keep it flowing. I'm glad he made the chocolate teacups though. I loved Rebecca's golden chocolate cake eggs. Cool idea.