Johnny Iuzzini

Johnny Iuzzini wishes the eliminated chef hadn't served her green doughnuts.

on Sep 19, 2011 What do you think the biggest mistakes the chefs made were? 
JI: Some of the chefs thought about the way their dishes looked a bit more then how they tasted. Sally's wheel barrel dessert was just all over the place and didn't make sense. Melissa should not have served the doughnuts especially when she had a second dessert being the whoopie pie. She didn't like the way they came out, plus the creative team didn't take care of decorating her pole like they said they would. She should have edited herself. Only serve what you are proud of and what tastes delicious. Megan should have expected there to be children on the guest list and not served alcohol. Plus her lavender shortbread was just lackluster and not exciting, and the cream sickle curd was really sweet. She spent too much time running around helping other people and not enough time working on her own products she served. Why did the two eliminated chefs go home? 
JI: What Craig created and served really didn't contribute anything other then the expected visual effect. Plus, he had to have Sally essentially teach him how to do it as he went along. At this point, he was really holding the other team members behind. All that time and that is all he produced? If it was the most amazing gummy bear I had ever tasted, it would still be a hard argument to keep him since it was all he contributed. He had been struggling to keep up with the other chefs for quite some time, and this was the first time that he had to really face the judges on his own, and it didn't go well for him. Melissa admitted to not even tasting the doughnuts before she served them, which is the cardinal rule for a chef -- always taste your food. Then the way she served them on an uncovered pvc pipe, was just thoughtless, sloppy, and unappetizing. She didn't need to serve them. Had she not, she prob wouldn't have gone gone. I thought her whoopie pies were beautiful, creative, and a great addition to the room. But there is no excuse for food that tastes bad and still served.