Johnny Iuzzini

Johnny discusses his new 'do and what he would do in a soda fountain Quickfire.

on Aug 30, 2011 First, a lot of people are going to ask about your haircut. What made you go for it?
You know, every few years i change my look for the simple reason that i get bored. If you Google Image me you will see so many different looks. Long hair, short hair, clean shaven, beard, etc. I was a club kid in my youth and for a long time changed my hair color often, including bleaching it out to a silvery platinum blond. Another reason I changed it was it became a focal point of people. I'd rather them pay more attention to the chefs and their skills then my sideburns and pompadour. Plus, I was a bit to easily recognized on the street. I like my anonymity You and Gail seemed a little disappointed with the number of banana splits made during the Quickfire. What was your first impression of the chefs through these desserts?

Well sure, we are all excited to see what the chefs can do -- but to their defense, they were working with a limited pantry in a quasi-kitchen working in teams with other chefs that they have never met. Some chefs definitely showed more creativity then the others and were faster thinking on their feet. We could definitely begin to see who had some of the stronger personalities of the bunch. What might you have made if you were competing in the Quickfire?
Well it's funny, that is always the question I ask myself when we announce each challenge. What would I make? This challenge was about creating a modern twist on a classic soda jerk preparation. I would take all the flavors of a root beer float or egg cream and rebuild them in a new form changing the perception of the dessert by providing texture and turning something classically served in a cup into a plated dessert that, when you eat it, would still transport you and instantly evoke those emotional memories.