Johnny Iuzzini

Johnny discusses his new 'do and what he would do in a soda fountain Quickfire.

on Aug 30, 2011 Onto the Elimination Challenge! What do you think the key was to creating a successful showpiece and plated dishes?

When working in a team effort, you must first identify each member of the teams strengths and weaknesses. Then there always has to be some sort of a team leader, it always becomes an issue when there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians. A competition is not the place you should be trying out new techniques or pretending like you are more comfortable with your skills then they really are -- especially when your teammates are counting on you. When creating desserts that are served with a showpiece there must be a strong theme that carries between the two. They don't have to look the same exactly but they should both be easily identifiable and easily connected either through flavor or design. A play on words doesn't really fall into this category. What do you think the biggest mistake the teams made? br>Some teams tried to do techniques they weren't familiar with. They should have done what they knew best and used their time more wisely to make sure the desserts they served made up for any shortcomings of the showpiece. The teams really needed to divide and conquer, rather then having to go back a remake and fix things over and over again. They needed to be honest with each other regarding their abilities and then use those same strengths to push their team to the win. Orlando wasn't too keen on Rebecca's original rice pudding idea. Do you think rice pudding could have been successful?
I think Orlando was smart in advising Rebecca to use the oats rather then rice for the porridge. I think if she would have just made rice pudding that for sure would have drawn some harsh criticism from me. By using the oats it showed adaptability, creativity, and finding a way to connect to the teams fairy tale theme. The point of competition is to raise the bar, not just make the things you make every day in your home kitchen. It has to pop and grab attention.