Johnny Iuzzini

Johnny Iuzzini explains why it can be harder to create dishes inspired by familiar flavors.

on Oct 11, 2011 If Carlos' macarons worked out, do you think that would have kept him in the competition?
JI: It is unfortunate that Carlos was not able to realize his original idea and have macarons as the buns. He has shown us (unfortunately) time and time again that he is quite capable of making a delicious macaron. He wasn't able to plastic wrap them the night before, before the time had run out, and because of the delicate nature of a macaron, it is greatly affected by the air in the kitchen. It is a very light and airy cookie, so when it exposed to very dry or humid environments, it either dries out quickly or becomes chewy, respectively. I have to say though, I have a ton of respect for Carlos for realizing this immediately and trying to rectify the situation by making another type of sponge for the bun. He really moved his ass and busted it out. I was impressed, a sign of a leader. Again, he suffered from the wrath of Mother Nature. An angel food cake is very susceptible to the environment, and it was a bit humid that night, which turned his cake into a sticky, gummy mess. I am glad he tried, though. It says a lot about his character and the type of chef he is. We’re getting down to the wire — do you sense a change in the chefs and the way they’re competing?
JI: I think the chefs are realizing how close they are, and they can taste the victory. They are all talking about how great it would be to be the victor, but for very different reasons. Mat and Chris seem to be chasing the cash for the families, while Sally wants to win for the women. Orlando is the only one that just wants to win for bragging rights and to beat Chris once and for all. I  admire all these chefs -- they have all worked so hard, and they all deserve to win. It is going to come down to who makes the greater mistakes in the upcoming challenges. I think the bromance is coming to an end as well, as we saw with chris hoarding all the Pacojet containers.