Team Top Chef

Sure the season premiere was action-packed, but, seriously, how good did Gail and Johnny look?!

Aug 25, 2011

I've finally come down from my Kathy Wakile-Gail Simmons-Johnny Iuzzini sugar high long enough (video coming soon!) to sit down and recap Season 2's first episode. Sooo, welcome back my little soda jerks! As much as I loved Rocco's Dinner Party, and I did, I really missed the intensity of the Top Chef kitchen. So, let's get started -- shall we?

First, the chefs are greeted on a pier by the glorious Gail Simmons and Johnny Iuzzini, and I gotta say they were both looking' slammin'! They just so happened to be outside an olde-timey soda shop. There aren't too many of these around, but I actually visited one not too long ago in Philly, The Franklin Fountain, and guess what I got? A banana split! Sooo these chefs would've done just fine there. Unfortunately for them, Gail and Johnny didn't want just a banana split -- or a root beer float for that matter -- they wanted a modern take on a soda shop classic. The chefs were broken up into teams, and did their best to do just that. Only two teams seemed to emerge creatively though. Amanda and Nelson made a winning chocolate sponge cake with pickled cherries. Um, I plan on adding pickled cherries to everything now. What about you? I've never had them, but i'm imagining they might taste like sour cherry preserves, which i love. i could be very wrong about this, so when i actualy try it, I'll let you know! Carlos and Rebecca came in second with their Cap'n Crunch milkshake. Well, i love Cap'n Crunch, so i would'e been all over this. The concept reminded me a little of the cereal milk softserve at Momofuku Milk Bar actually, but I bet the texture of the actual cereal on top set it apart.