Team Top Chef

Sure the season premiere was action-packed, but, seriously, how good did Gail and Johnny look?!

Aug 25, 2011

The Elimination Challenge also put our chefs in teams, where they had to create a showpiece as well as plated dishes based on classic fairytales. When Carlos explained the less-than-appetizing details of Little Red Riding Hood, revealing the more grim side of the story, I almost lost it. They were so shocked! Anyway, clashing personalities really emerged in this challenge. Orlando questioned Rebecca's desire to use rice pudding for her cannoli, and suggested she use oatmeal. Ummm I love rice pudding, and actually thought a rice pudding canoli sounded kind of awesome. I'm ready for rice pudding renaissance. Craig's teammates were so patient with him, they deserved to stay just for that! I really hope Craig can step it up next week because there's nothing worse than working with someone who has no confidence in their ability. He had so much machismo before the Quickfire, and it deflated so quickly! I asked Gail why Craig stayed, and she gave a great answer. Check it out in her blog!  Lina and Melissa got into it over the consistency of their gingerbread house. Lina wanted cake, Melissa didn't. In the end, Melissa was right, and Lina went home for it. Lina maintains in her exit video that she thought Melissa threw her under the bus, but, well, she effed up. Bigtime. So, shouldn't she take responsibility for that?

So, we have our first eliminated chef. And, now, you will get some of my first random thoughts from the episode!:

1. First, my whole office commented on Gail's awesome leather jacket on the pier. It was producer Casey Kriley's. Gail explains