Team Top Chef

Craig tries to step up, but Nelson pays the price.

Sep 8, 2011

Hello my little mean girls! (Ahem, reference to blog title, ahem.) I was almost blinded by all the pink in this week's episode, but fortunately I've recovered long enough to talk about it.

Oh, before we start though, can we just look at this pic of Johnny from the homepage? Swoon. OK, moving on!

In the Quickfire Challenge, the chefs had to create a dessert that could be translated into a gum flavor, specifically an Extra Dessert Delights gum flavor. I'm one of those people that tries every new gum flavor, so I'm pretty psyched to see which one you guys vote for. Voting is still open!

A couple of the chefs went the piano colada route, and I thought it was a good idea. Actually, I know it's a good idea because Orbit already has a pina colada flavor. See what I did there? I have to say that Craig and Carlos' presentations alone blew me away. I mean, did you look at Carlos'?! It was beautiful! Craig's looked magazine-cover worthy. I'm not sure about a pancake-flavored gum, but fortunately his flavors were translated into a lemon square gum as one of the options for the big vote!

Craig really needed this win, not just for himself, but I think to prove to his competitors that he can execute one of his ideas effectively.

On to the Elimination Challenge, where the chefs had to create a dessert pitch for none other than Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Ms. Lisa Vanderpump for a party she'll be throwing. Ken, Lisa's husband, shared Lisa's likes including the color pink, her dog Giggy, and sophistication. The chefs were split into two teams to execute. Since he won the Quickfire, Chris got to choose the team leaders. He actually chose himself which I think was wise, and Amanada as the other one. Amanda wasn't feeling well so she left the execution in Chris' hands.