Team Top Chef

The chefs try to create their own candy bar before cooling off at a water park.

Sep 21, 2011

Anyway, most of the chefs didn’t go a traditional route, and many decided to add fruit to their candy bar equation. I actually thought Orlando did his company proud. His raspberry-filled treat looks awesome, but I also love raspberry. I was shocked by how many chefs decided to use banana in their candy bars. I don’t know how many of the chefs actually thought about marketability, and I love bananas, but banana-flavored things are a different story, and I don’t know how well those candy bars would have done. Although, I will say that I liked how Carlos tries to make all of his desserts as personal as possible, this time naming his “Chocanana” for his daughter. Perhaps the most shocking part of the Quickfire was Orlando helping Rebecca. Rebecca dropped all of her “candy bars” on the floor, and Orlando not only helped her, but then drove it home but telling us that he does have a heart. Orlando, we knew it all along. He’s obviously misunderstood or displays a rough exterior for a reason.

Matthew’s attempt cracked me up because –- pardon my French -- it literally looked like s--t. It actually reminded me of Mike Midgley’s vending machine Quickfire dish. Here’s a pic of that concoction, in case you don’t recall.

Anyway, although Rebecca’s candy bar was well-received by Gail and guest judge Pichet Ong , Sally won the challenge and immunity. Look at that -- Craig goes home, and Sally immediately rises to the top. Coincidence? Probably. But I think there’s more there. I did say last week that I wondered how she would do without worrying about him. Looks like his absence suits her. Sally also said that she was familiar with the guest judge’s likes in terms of flavor profiles, so she definitely plyed into those, and it paid off!

Onto the Quickfire Challenge, where the chefs had to split up into teams and create cool treats for a day at Raging Waters. I hate theme parks (I’m afraid of heights, so I’m always the one holding the coats, while everyone else rides the rides), but I love, love, love water parks.

Matthew, Orlando, and Chris formed one team -- a team that some might have assumed would be the strongest, but ultimately they made a few fatal flaws. They really didn’t pay attention to their environment. Chris smoothie was too sweet and gummy, Orlando’s root beer float didn’t float, and Matt served sautéed strawberries. Huh? What was so amusing/interesting was the fact that even after all of the judges’ riticism, the three men wenrt back to the Stew Room convinced that they had done a good job. I guess ignorance is bliss.