Team Top Chef

The chefs try to create their own candy bar before cooling off at a water park.

Sep 21, 2011

Next up were Amanda, Sally, and Carlos. Although Sally had immunity, she didn’t want to let her team down, and actually ended up making a smoothie because Carlos suggested it. Well, her smoothie was fine, but the judges wish she had done more with it. Carlos used cereal again, this time in a popsicle, but the popsicle wasn’t refreshing at all. I think we’re all ready for Carlos to stop using cereal. And, unfortunately Amanda went home with her funnel cakes. Although she had a good idea, because her dessert should have been a la minute, and kinda wasn’t, the funnel cake got hard and crunchy. Amanda was a strong competitor, and I’m sad to see her go. I kinda knew the second Sally talked about having a girl crush on her, though, that her fate was sealed.

The team of Rebecca, Megan, and Katzie were simply the smartest. They truly though about where they were, and who they were creating for. I thought Rebecca’s dish sounded amazing. It sounded like something I would order and enjoy. I make a mean Snickerdoodle cupcake, and this treat actually reminded me a lot of the ice cream sandwiches you can get at Smorgasburg at the Brooklyn Flea. I think I’ve mentioned this before but the stand is called Coolhaus. I highly recommend the Mexican hot chocolate one. Unlike many of her competitors, Rebecca’s ice cream stood up to the heat. Megan's drink got a few negatibe comments about its sweetness, but overall, it was a success.

And then there’s Katzie, who had a tough one because she was attempting spumoni, inspired by L&B Gardens, and learned that Johnny has a personal connection to that place. Sooo, her spumoni had to be good, and it was! She made her version of a baked Alaska and it just worked. This team just got it right, and Katzie wins her second challenge in a row. Even though Sally and some other chefs don’t care for Katzie, she’s obviously proving to be a formidable opponent in this competition.