Team Top Chef

The chefs struggle more with a carnival-inspired Elimination Challenge than a one-handed Quickfire Challenge!

Oct 12, 2011

For this week's Quickfire Challenge, the chefs had to make pie, and Chef Payard explained how important the pie crust is. 

If you want to make Hubert Keller's perfect pie crust, he'll show you how here.

I looooove pie (although I go back in forth in my head whether I prefer pie or cake -- which one do you prefer?) The chefs didn't just have to make pie, though, they had to make it with one hand tied behind their backs! Now they sort of know what Rebecca went through most of the season!

The chefs took it in stride, though, and the only one who had a real problem was Matthew. He accidentally moved his dish with his extra hand. Thus, he was out of contention for the win. I looove when contestants say they hope no one saw them break the rules … to the camera. No, Matthew. No one saw you.