Team Top Chef

We learn the sweet way not to judge a book by its cover.

Oct 19, 20110

Hello my little faux-rizo! (Thank you, Chef Cimarusti, for providing me with the inspiration for that greeting.)

Let's get right into it, shall we? No Quickfire this week -- we mean business! And the chefs are presented wit their challenge by Gail and Chef Suzanne Goin. They had to create desserts disguised as other desserts. I'm starting to think our producers are obsessed with the CIA. First a sabotage, then spy food?! This challenge immediately made me think of Carlos  -- the "burger and fries" he created for the Top Chef Carnival embodied the spirit of this challenge, if only it had tasted as good as it looked.

So, let's break down the final four:

First we have Matthew's manicotti. I actually don't care for manicotti, as I think it has too much ricotta inside, so, actually, to me, Matthew's overuse of mousse made perfect sense! See, I can't really eat more than three bites of manicotti either. (How amusing was everyone's pronunciation of "manicotti"? Cracked me up.) Anyway, as far as looks go, I think Matthew's really looked like a savory entree. Unfortunately, the flavors were a little flat.

Dee Dee 2
Dee Dee 2


This show is supposed to be “Top Chef Just Desserts”; I don't understand how a contestant (Chris) who is competing to be a Top Chef Just Desserts can be in the finals when he didn't make his own dough. He used a store bought pastry. He didn’t prepare a full dessert. Dough was the main part of his dessert. Sally and even one of the judges made a comment about him not preparing his own dough. What a great thing for him to gamble on not preparing his own dough and won to be in the final. Chris should have been eliminated and this would be an example to further contestants (if there is another season). How could anybody take this serious? I will not continue to watch. Again judges and Bravo you are jeopardizing loosing viewers and fans. The Chef Competition shows should not be treated like the RHs.