Team Top Chef

We learn the sweet way not to judge a book by its cover.

Oct 19, 2011

Next, we have Orlando. I know many of you were probably happy to see Orlando go, but I've had a soft spot for him all season, and his story behind his paella was so moving. His flavors jus didn't work together. The judges felt that all the elements were obviously made separately, and never really came together to form a cohesive dish. Oh, and that broken rice? Sigh. There's really no excuse making bad rice when you use a rice cooker.

Chris probably would've gotten even closer to the win if he hadn't used store-bought puff pastry. He didn't think he would even use it, but he found that he had to. Johnny explains in his blog just how long it takes to make puff pastry correctly, so seems like Chris' decision was a smart one. Still disappointing though.

Finally we have Sally. I -- and apparently Johnny -- were very nervous for her. She didn't narrow her two ideas down till kind of late in the process, but when she finally went with the cubano… man, she killed it. I mean, my  mouth dropped when she presented her dish -- it looked that good! Like Matthew, her downfall was a mousse as well, but her problem was simply that it made the whole thing messy. When the judges went to eat the dish, it oozed out the sides. Seemed like a minor issue to me, and I was happy to see her get the win. I just couldn't' get over how much her dish looked like a cuban sandwich with potato salad.