Team Top Chef

Episode 6: Ad-Rock issues the toughest challenge yet to our Beastie Boy fan chefs.

Sep 29, 2011

Hello my little sardines in a tin. Just when I thought we couldn't top our Wonka episode, we go and do it. I'm really curious to hear which episode you actually preferred. I was positively giddy today promoting this one, encouraging our Twitter users to hashtag their tweets to @BravoTopChef with #beastieboyfoodlyrics, and seeing the awesome fake ones people came up with. Although I will say that a lot of them were "Fight for your right to [fill in food that sounds like "party" here.]

Anyway, before we get to the glory of King Ad-Rock's guest judging, let's talk about the Quickfire, where the chefs were greeted by Jordan Kahan, who I honestly didn't know much about before, but I was digging his hipster style. He presented the chefs with this week's challenge: to create desserts using root vegetables. I actually think I've only had one root vegetble dessert before, and that was at Harold Dieterele's Perilla. Coincidentally -- if I can remember correcty -- it had beer foam, an ingredient (beer) we'd see used later in the Elimination Challenge. It was fairly amusing to see how few of the roots the chefs were actually familiar with. Gail didn't seem amused, something which amused me even more. I love hard-ass Gail, just because she's so sweet usually. Seeing Dannielle angry would probably send me over the edge. The chefs tried their best though, of course with quite a bit of bitching, especially by Rebecca who declared that she can't cook. Gail already told her how stupid saying that on national television was, so I won't beat a dead horse. Sally and Matthew found themselves on top, with Sally claiming another Quickfire win. Good for her! Her dish really was beautiful, but I have to say, Matthew's idea was just so smart, so kudos to him as well!

And if you thought those ingredients were challenging, check out some of the trials and tribulations the staff and crew of the show have had to overcome: