Team Top Chef

Some chefs struggled conceptually with the symphony cake challenge.

Aug 31, 2011

Hello, my little french horns! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is the instrument I played in school, and it only seems fitting that I share that little nugget with you this week. (I was mediocre at best, by the way.) Before I get to this week's episode though, I want to address one comment on my blog from last week from "LAR" who said, "Uhh "pickled cherries" = maraschino cherries?" This reminded me of a very interesting (and disturbing) thing I learned about Maraschino cherries last week from one Mr. Johnny Iuzzini. He doesn't care for them actually, but I love them. However, he said that some Maraschino cherries aren't cherries at all and are made of less-than-natural ingredients formed to look like cherries! How gross is that?! So look on the back of your jar for…

OK, onto this week's QUickfire. I think I mentioned recently that I don't love lemon desserts… except for a classic lemon ice of course. A tart at Bouchon changed my mind a bit, and actually Kathy Wakile's lemon blonde dessert was exceptional too. Watch her serve her sweet treats to Gail and Johnny here:

So, I"m a convert! I thought this was an interesting challenge because I know of several people who also don't care for lemon in their desserts. The chefs rose to the challenge though, and produced some fun stuff. Although I applaud Katzie's lemon crepe ribbons, I preferred the simpler desserts presented. Even though he wasn't on top, so i'm assuming his execution was off, I actually thought Craig's lemon sour cream cake sounded simple and delicious. The thing is, if you're going to go simple, it has to be executed perfectly.